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  1. Samukora
    Samukora2 years ago

    Lei ГЁ proprio una fregna

  2. Malalmaran
    Malalmaran2 years ago

    Hey gorgeous I'm in your city and would like to link up and shoot a video or 2 . Btw your content is on point and would like to add to it. Let's get in contact and make something happen :)

  3. Kazimi2 years ago

    Antidepressants are not abused recreationally. Was the overdose therefore a suicide attempt? No one goes to a residential rehab program for antidepressants, so what does this overdose have to do with rehab? I feel like there's some things that need cleared up here, like is she suicidal and an addict? Or did the family just send her to a rehab facility because they don't know the difference between a drug overdose and a "drug" overdose, if you catch my drift. If she's just suicidal then she's likely in the wrong place.

  4. Moogugore2 years ago

    5:13. running in rivulets down her like that. Busted a thick fountain.

  5. Shaktizil2 years ago

    Fuck she's sexy as fuck

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