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  1. Muzragore2 years ago

    I agree. My relationship with God is so real. Too many Christians put more into their religion that they miss out on that. I do, however, believe that religion is important to the kingdom of God. It is important that we be in unity so that we can effectively spread the Gospel. Religion is also a way to stay disciplined in maintaining our relationship with God.

  2. Tut
    Tut2 years ago

    LOL Fuck that's scary too.

  3. Akinot
    Akinot2 years ago

    Meghan Mccain and her husband too. Completely nuts.

  4. Dirr2 years ago

    Yeah, why can't libruls get it through their heads that just because someone says racist comments, does racist things, and supports racist political action, it doesn't mean they're racist. I'm sure some of her best friends are the blacks and the Jews . Hell, she probably threw in one or two of the gays for good measure.

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