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  1. Nikinos
    Nikinos6 months ago

    go to vegas and hire an Elvis impersonator... done... memorable... and way cheaper.

  2. JoJoshura6 months ago

    It is evident that Russians have been involved in social media subterfuge; I've observed some of it myself. But I think the magnitude of these operations have been exaggerated at times. Thing is, the Russians don't really have to do all that much to fuel the fires of discord and division. All they need to do is give a little push and Americans do the work for them.

  3. Dobar
    Dobar7 months ago

    The thing I'd really be interested in trying, but is scary to me, is traveling the world. I know several people who are doing it and are streaming their adventures online... Obviously it helps to know more languages... and having a traveling companion might be helpful (or could prove disastrous!) but the point is to connect with culture.

  4. Dugis6 months ago

    Great to have a friebd like you

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